Launch Pad Consulting

Launch Pad Consultants provides on-demand coaching and advisory services for senior leaders who want more insights and experience at the table to dig at a problem. Request consulting time by calling us at 757.810.8607.

Government and Non-profit Executive Discounts: 20%


Our expertise in areas of workforce development and planning, leadership, and organizational designs helps our clients build for the future, while also addressing critical shortfalls in the near term. While we have worked with businesses of every size, we also have the expertise and experience to specifically address issues pertinent to small businesses (under 500 employees), non-profit entities and association groups

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Phone: 757.810.8607

Top Readings

Guns, Germs and Steel
Written by Jared Diamond, this book is an amazing look at how people adapt based on the availability of short-term outlooks and resource availability. A true picture of how we instinctively operate and perspective on how difficult projection behaviors are for humans. A must read for those who seek an understanding of stagnation and reactionary behaviors in their organization.

Workforce Development

  • Emergent Leader Initiatives
  • Knowledge Transfer: Storytelling/Scenario Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Leveraging Public/Private Partnerships
  • Building Innovation Environments

Organizational Brilliance: Cutting the Edge

  • Executive Advisement & Consulting
  • Structural Integrity Building/Values Systems
  • Business Sustainability & Succession
  • Organizational Analysis & Effectiveness Strategies
  • New Initiative Feasibility Studies
  • New Initiative Planning

Clients & Projects:

  • Virginia Ship Repair Association
  • Virginia Logistics Research Center
  • Cox Communications
  • Virginia Maritime Association
  • Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
  • Hampton Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • James City County
  • U.S. Census Bureau
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Center for Workforce Preparation
  • Clarksville Montgomery County Economic Development Council